My fiend shared an interesting article:

Good interesting article…Stoicism, when I first knew about it, I felt it would lead to some bad consequences like make people numb, insensitive, feels no empathy, no hospitality or love… (By the way, Malcom Gradwell in his book, “David AND Gladiator —- underdogs, misfits, and the art of battling giants” has some interesting researches on the “British stoicism virtue” often pictured as a good example in the period of WWII that London were bombarded by the Nazi Germany – hint, it had nothing to do with the so called peculiar British people’s Stoicism character at all ).

Often, ideas from many different philosophies and religions have many parallels. Some examples in the article: One.Buddhism says we are not happy because we are trying to grasp more than we actually can control. —-Similarity to Stoicism aside, in Christianity there is also the teaching “don’t rely on yourself but Him”. Two. Replace all the instance of the plural “gods” with singular “God”, one can still perfectly understand the main points this article conveys. 

About the notion : “We shouldn’t try to be happy by trying to gain control everything”. The truth is: if one only knows philosophy and has vast knowledge, all the things he knows will still leave the human heart and love untouched. Of course, the magical of life is in the experience. That’s why the author said: in the past, though he was sold by the idea for years but practiced badly. I think, now if he really seriously try to practice well, what do you think he will trying to do? He will try to identify the scope of the first bin (things that he can control). This is a dynamic process, because at different life stage or situation, the size of the bin changes: when you are little, you probably has little things you can control, most likely only limited to move your body parts (provided you are biologically healthy ); when you are grew, you can control over your income (money); when you first join the workforce, there are little things you can control in your company; when you are a manager, suddenly you have more things you can control (alone comes some responsibility). When your circumstance changes, the things you can control changes : when you are in a small company you are likely can control more things than you could when you are in a bigger company (in a general sense, there will be for sure some particularities ). 

Nobody in a good sense will think he can actually control everything. But, again, generally speaking, human beings tend to be happier as the things we can control grows. I emphasized “generally speak” because that, the key is: you have the “right things” you can control and practicing well. In this regard, there are few things we should focus on; and all of them should concerning the heart of the person and “Love”—-the core gospel of authentic Scripture teaching. Through these things, we can let go of things and gain control of things; we come and go, with peace and happiness.

If compassion came from the Greek word meaning “to suffer with”, I think acting love and kindness is different than having compassion. Though compassion includes love and kindness for sure, but you have to “know the suffering” “to suffer with “. 

The meaning of the “coding standard ” is to remove “signature coding”, it’s better that everything can be generated. That is, the code is “faceless”. But, it is in the end, always has a higher level code, for example the code that implement the generator, will be written by humans. Thus, like any literature work, this code will reflect the personality of the author (elegance, ugliness and bugs…etc).

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I didn’t let God do the work, instead trapped in the dumb-decision-driven spiral. It is surely extended the time line indefinitely

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Oh Lord, is this our punishmentFor turning against you?

Chaos and natural disasters everywhere.
Misunderstandings abound, scuffles in the air.

Love seems to slowly fade.
It’s no longer the paradise you’ve made.

Living in a complete mess, where lost souls dwell.
We have ourselves to blame, into sin we fell.

Restore our faith in You, Oh Lord.
Teach us your ways;  may your Spirit revive our souls.

Lift us from the curse of sinful living that binds our being.
Redeem us, Oh Lord;  make our hearts your home.

Let your love cover us, that pain and suffering be no more.

Replace hate in this world, 

with care for all to share.

Let your will be done in our lives, set our feet upon the Rock of Salvation.

And with the songs of praise, forever we will sing,

“How great is the God we serve!”

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A not lot so serious thought : it means sometimes it make sense to talk nonsense, especially when get together with friends and loved ones (though I personally will not like gossip). Spend quality time with loved ones, no matter what and how we are taking about, itself is a very good thing!

A somewhat serious thought: so let’s not so catch up the words we are using. Because, if human want to clear up our language, it is virtually impossible to do. 


Think about, if you know the crazy —-( for crazy, I mean really he was a crazy man. To get a sense, you may watch the motion picture movie, “knowing…”; in the beginning a professor told a tales about this crazy man:) —-German philosopher,Ludwig Wittgenstein wrote the book “Philosophical Investigations” then you will feel what a mess the human languages are and how desperate this book seems to me.

想象一下,如果你知道那个德国的“疯子哲学家”路德维西.维特根斯坦—-(我说疯子,一点也不过分。要得到一个感觉,你只要看一下那部好莱坞大片片,“先知”中的开头,一个大学教授讲了一个关于这个疯子的故事 🙂 )—-他写的《哲学研究》,你就会知道我们人类的语言有多么混乱并且想去修复它们对我来说是多么得感到绝望。(这也就是为什么,我们基督徒在读圣经之前,需要祈祷以求神赐予我们他的智慧来理解他的话语,而不是光只通过人的智慧来理解。并且要和其他人讨论。)

Yes, it may well because our fellowship and community provide a sense of family warm, brotherhood  and sisterhood, so people are join the Christian community; but it can well be said the opposite: because we have faith in Christ, so we are a family , so the people in church cares about us, and it does like a family.