The philosophy of life

Life, I think is like a hyper-speed train running on a hyper-speed railway track, and you are the driver; plus you also have the ability to control which railway track you want to travel on. Time passes by so fast; things happen. What if one day you realize that your life is running on a wrong track? Or you just doubt and say to yourself “Maybe my life is not heading to the right direction?”
Of course, just realize above questions already required the person has done some considerable thinking about life. So, let’s just say we want to use this “hyper-speed-train-running” metaphor( and personally, I really think it is a “so Good” metaphor 🙂 ), what you would do if you decide that your life is indeed heading into the wrong direction?
生活,我想,就像一列运行在高速铁轨上的高速列车,并且你就是它的驾驶者;还有,你也有能力控制该列车在你所想行使的轨道上运行。时间过得很快;事情发生着。如果有一天,你发现你的生活运行在一个错误的轨道上怎么办?或者,只是怀疑并对自己说:“也许,我的生活没有导向一个正确的方向?”当然,只是意识到上面的问题已经需要一个人对生活有一些思考。所以,让我们只是说我们想用这个“高速列车行驶”的隐喻(并且,实际上,我真认为这是一个“非常好”的隐喻),如果你的生活实际上确实导向了一个错误的方向你又会做什么决定呢? Continue reading “The philosophy of life”