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“In social policy, it consists in protecting the very weak and letting the strong do their job, rather than helping the middle class to consolidate its privileges, thus blocking evolution and bringing all manner of economic problems that tend to hurt the poor the most.”

Excerpt From: Nassim Nicholas Taleb. “Antifragile: Things That Gain From Disorder.” Random House, 2012-11-27T05:00:00+00:00. iBooks.
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“…美国投资人眼中的阿里和Jack Ma..”
“跳槽穷半年,改行穷三年。” ( 旁边一幅马云的黑白照片)
“马云经典…马云成为首富后留下的话, 句句触动我们心灵…”
感觉,要是什么有名人物去世了,也差不多看到像上面的这些吧?!不知道的人,还以为“马云出什么事了呢!他还健在吧?” 哈哈哈

我想说,底线是:人家马云成为首富了,跟我没啥关系;最多展现出我们对“物质成功”和名誉”的渴望,和嫉妒。就没有人鼓励祝福一下马云吗:现在有条件真的为社会做一些事情,希望你和阿里在未来更加innovate, reinvent and change Chinese society for the better.

The Truth

You should not accept something is true just because it comes from someone you respect. The Truth can only come from God.

And yourself ( we humans because made by the image of God ) can communicate with God and to know that something is true ( although can’t get exhausted true knowledge of God ).

So, if you truly believe, you should also express it in your own particular ways.

Regarding reading the Scripture, It is less good to only have the process arranged like a school classroom, and you are like a teen student listen to the dominant teacher, and you feel you are learning something and never post your questions — I hope at least you feel you have some questions –.

After all, we are not study a text book in order to get a certification.

Some descriptive sketches of difference between before Faith and After Faith

There are many ways lead to the Truth
Only one way, that’ is faith through J.C. lead to the Truth.

From a seeker to a learner

From there are some people some thing out of the “My God” to every thing and every one ( yes, not just you who are self identified as C ) is in him ( under His control ) — whether or not one believes so is another question .

From someone is perfect to every single one is sinful.

From I do what I do is in order to achieve a Good To because I am already be saved and forgiven, I do what I do.

there are various religions in the world that they are competing each other and we don’t quiet know which one is true ( but there should be only one is true )
Faith is not a religion / true faith is not based on religion / God has no religion. Religion is a human activity, and since it is a human activity, All the religion activities( rituals, languages, lectures, information exchanges ) have its fated flaws/limitations; they are no more or less flawed/limited than any other human activities ( science, business…philosophy…logic…politics…etc ).

Arts(visual, audio, literature) at times are far better means to reveal some aspects of the Truth.

Become externally determined optimist because sprout from Faith, always flow out goodness.