Linguistic in Bible

I ask the question: do you think God created the world in 7 days of 24/7 a day, literally? 

 As soon as this question was out, I can feel that some may think I have little familiar with the Script if I am not just a pretended-Christian. They said they would discuss it and tell me the “results”.  Later, they asked me what happened on day 4 in Genesis 1. Of course on day 4, God speared the light and dark, day and night; God created “day”, and in this sense, God created time. But I said, “see, language problem”. However, little can realize what I just said. Most people didn’t aware of this, until I point out specifically that:  yes, God created “day” on day 4, but it was already day 4, how do you measure day one, day two..etc, it is a self recursion, because we don’t know the “day” yet on “day one” , and God created the “day” on day 4. Well, at least on the human language level, we can see our limitation as humans. 

The Scripture also said, in the beginning there was the word ( John 1-1 ); God destroyed the babel tower and created different human tongues to divide them. Human Language is also a gift from God, and it bears the same essence of the Word that Him uses to communicate with us. It is a gift, it is sufficient and it is important, and I believe everything we feel the trouble is from our human limitation. Therefore, I think it is very important to treat our language very fearfully, and when read the Scripture, I try to do so, sometimes, as careful as possible.

For another example: when I read the Genesis 3, the Fall: The fruit of the tree of Good and Evil can open your ( Eve and Adam ) eyes, and can make you have the knowledge of the Good and Evil. After the crafty serpent seduced Eve, Eve “saw that the tree was good for food, and that the tree was to be desired to make one wise”. How did she “saw” if her eyes were not opened yet? I mean, the Script here, must not meant they are blind before ate the fruit of the tree of Good and Evil, there must be some other meaning; or they were truly blind, but the “saw” here is not used literally, it most likely the one of the meanings of “see” in the Morden English, like, when dealing with a problem after some time, suddenly,  “Oh, I see”.

I feel there are countless this kind of language interpretation issues in the Scripture. Another, maybe the word, “knowledge”.  Because, when Adam alone in the world, He can already “naming” the things ( and can know he can’t find anyone be his companion, his helper, so God created Eve for him ); it means man must already have some knowledge just because be a living being, even before eating the forbidden fruit. I have to feel very awed by what kind of “knowledge” the fruit of the tree of Good and Evil offers.

Anyway, this way of reading the Scripture may be also dangerous. I often feel bewildered and strange, but precise because of these perplexity and bewilderment I also feel a profound beauty and dependence on the Christ.