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From one of the Books I am currently reading, “How to KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON”: “…It’s in the parable of the sower where Jesus talks about the farmer who sowed some seed. Some fell on the side, some fell on stones, some fell on thorny ground, but some fell on fertile soil. It’s a ministry metaphor saying, “Keep sowing the seed. Not all of it is going to grow up, but you should keep sowing it.”

See, I always think and / or heard others explanation on this teaching by Jesus meant that “some people can’t make it” but “some other people can” ( and only those “fell on fertile soil” ). I feel, for this explanation, it seems make sense descriptively; but I always feel something not quite added up. Upon close examination, it seems this explanation have tendency to imply that “you should through your own work/effort to achieve salvation”, it’s like a voice always remind yourself in your head saying: “be careful to watch yourself. Are you the seed feel on fertile soil or not?”

After I read this different interpretation, it feels like a fresh air. How true! and how dangerous the old explanation can be! No to the analogy of “seed” to “person”.

A bonus question: It is interesting about the “seed” is singular ( not “seeds” ). Makes you think, doesn’t it? ^_^ What do you think the “seed” in this parable refer to? 🙂


Read Mark 4

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