On coding standard 

The meaning of the “coding standard ” is to remove “signature coding”, it’s better that everything can be generated. That is, the code is “faceless”. But, it is in the end, always has a higher level code, for example the code that implement the generator, will be written by humans. Thus, like any literature work, this code will reflect the personality of the author (elegance, ugliness and bugs…etc).

keep calm and standing firm

I think a Christian ought to understand the times in which we live and the compelling issues of the day. How can we attempt to apply the principles of God to this world if we don’t have a clue about what’s happening? This whole universe is God’s universe. The rise and fall of kingdoms, and the interaction between people and nations influences the cause of Christ and the Gospel.

We have an enemy. We have a nemesis. He is not just the Enemy, he is not just an enemy; he is your enemy. Listen to what it says again in verse 8. “Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” He is like a lion. He roars. That’s intimidating. He wants to devour. He has all sorts of things he wants to do. So, know your enemy. First, he is a personal enemy. He has your number, and you’re in his sights. That doesn’t mean he personally is going to be right there, because he is not omnipresent. He is a supernatural being in the sense of not being physical, but he is not omnipresent. He is a spiritual being, but he is not everywhere. But he has agents of influence…