A Great Language Learning Community: italki.com

I love English! In fact, when I graduated from college several years ago, I felt everything I learned in school was useless and not interesting.

Well giving my particular situation: I stayed in one major ( has something to do with OA——Office Automation ) for two years, and then transfered to another major ( has some thing to do with information management ) for the rest two years so I could get a bachelor degree. Did you ever hear hear your parents told you “Diploma is important”? But the fact is: Even though my education level is “4 year College or University”, I actually didn’t have an integrity major course finished in place.

“Everything is gone except English.” —— that was what I thought at the time. So I continued working on improve my English, not for getting a diploma paper or pass some English exams, but to learn English with my own interesting. English to me, is very funny, comfortable and precious. I remember one famous writer once said, each language of mankind is a particular ways to see the world; if you really learned a second language, it will feel like a new horizon wide open in front of your eyes, and you will have a whole new way to see the world.


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Ranks on Living Quality of city, where your work staff go?

According a newly published story on economist.com, Quality of living | City rankings | Economist.com , Mercer, a consulting firm announced a ranking board of “Quality of live” standard of 215 cities around the world based on its annual survey. Zurich is the most pleasant city in the world to live.
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