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I love English! In fact, when I graduated from college several years ago, I felt everything I learned in school was useless and not interesting.

Well giving my particular situation: I stayed in one major ( has something to do with OA——Office Automation ) for two years, and then transfered to another major ( has some thing to do with information management ) for the rest two years so I could get a bachelor degree. Did you ever hear hear your parents told you “Diploma is important”? But the fact is: Even though my education level is “4 year College or University”, I actually didn’t have an integrity major course finished in place.

“Everything is gone except English.” —— that was what I thought at the time. So I continued working on improve my English, not for getting a diploma paper or pass some English exams, but to learn English with my own interesting. English to me, is very funny, comfortable and precious. I remember one famous writer once said, each language of mankind is a particular ways to see the world; if you really learned a second language, it will feel like a new horizon wide open in front of your eyes, and you will have a whole new way to see the world.



I have many interests in many things, and if not because English, I would be lost the interests on many things for a long time; such as some knowledge about philosophy, sociology, law and economics, etc. I know, some of my fellow Chinese reader may feel not be pleased, but I still want to say this: Many subjects on modern society, you just can’t get any clue if you just read the Chinese textbook!

For years, reading, listening and, recently, writing are the main methods for me to learn English. Of course, thanks to the internet, I also can find my favorite music and movies online. But I always want to get a chance to improve my “talk”. After all, if you can’t talk, what’s use of the language? And just two days ago, I found this web site: italki.com. This is a community for language exchange and resource for language learning. You can find all sorts of interesting people there, and you can learn nearly any language there (not just English)! Everyone can register free and start to find his/her language partner in just a minute. You can choose to use msn, skype, Yahoo! Messenger or TALKBOX (italki chat client) to chat with your friends; you can choose whether or not you want to text chat, email contact, voice chat or even meet in person with your new friends on italki. I started inviting people to my language network in the first day I joined the community, and I already made a few friends now. It is so funny and interesting!

You can find my profile at italki, if you are interesting learn some Chinese, maybe I could help you 🙂 .

I hope you will find this web site is helpful if you interested in learning different language or culture.


几年来,读,听和写,是我主要的学习英语的手段。当然,感觉英特网,我也总是可以在网络上找到我最喜欢的英语和电影。但是,我一直想有机会进行“交谈”。毕竟,如果你不能“说”,那语言又有什么实用价值呢?所以,就在两天前,我发现了这个网站:爱拓奇(italki.com)。你可以在那里找到各种各样有趣的人;而且,只要你感兴趣,你可以学习任何你感兴趣的语言(不止限于英语)!任何人都可以免费注册寻找他或她的语言伙伴,只要花几分钟的时间。你可以选择用skype, yahoo IM, MSN 或 italki自己的交流客户端,TALKBOX 来与你的朋友们对话;你可以选择你是否用文本聊天,电子邮件联系,语音聊天或着与你的语言伙伴面对面地相见。我在加入这个社区后,在第一天就开始四处邀请人们加入我的语言交流网络,并且我已经结实了几个新的朋友了。这真是有趣!

你可以在 爱拓奇 找到关于我的资料,如果你对学习一点中文(普通话)感兴趣,也许我可以帮你 🙂 。


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  1. Thanks for really positive review — I just wanted to say that we re-launched and that we have a lot of new functions that should be helpful. Please take a look at the site again.

    Oh, and we also have a facebook application which allows you to find language partners both on facebook and italki!

    Best regards

  2. Hi Kevin, thanks for the comment. And thanks for the remind of facebook application. I have updated my facebook. 🙂

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