I think we should trying to get to know more each other’s history.

Today, some colleagues and me discussed some ideas difference between China and U.S. . I am a regular Chinese, and have no abroad living experience, have never actually been to America. But I like English and Reading. Through this interesting discuss, I got to a thoughts that, maybe, the most problem on this planet is that people don’t understand each other because they knew so little about each other, especially their history.
I have read/learned something on America history. And they were very enjoy experiences for me. For example, I liked The Teaching Company’s TTC – History of the United States (2nd edition) very much. But, there are few people like me not a college professor would to get to know this kind stuff in China. There is almost nothing to get to know about the history of the U.S. for a most regularly Chinese.
Most Chinese, even college graduate have a very astonishing point view of the America, e.g. they think America is a no-history country.
Or course, as a Chinese, I am very proud of my country’s history, even though, I can’t say that I am expert on Chinese history (we have 5,000 history, it is really a daunting task if you want to mast the history of China 🙂 ). But it is sad that we based on our pride to look down others.
Of course, if we had a far better communicate experience, this planet would be like another place. You see, it is very hard to try to get a real efficiency communication. But, I think at least, some of us can try…

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