I want every Chinese read George Orwell 1984!

It is really a sad fact that in China here, nearly no school library has some important books, such as the George Orwell’s “1984”. Why don’t let the kids in high school read these books? Heck, while every America high school student knew about what “totalitarianism” means; in our society, even an English study college student doesn’t recognize the word!

I don’t care if the book have anti-socialism elements, or “the book is not suit for teenage”. In today’s world, some America economical and political policies are more “socialist” than China. I also don’t care someone may say
“this kind book, teenagers don’t understand”. No, there are many good translated books only require reader understands high school level Chinese! The only other important requirement is that you just have to have the ability of independent thinking.

Besides, read these books are really good because you get to a taste how brilliant the writing skills the author was! Also, it helps open your mind!

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  1. 我和你有同样的困惑和希望,我是在看了罗贯中先生的”盛世”一书后,了解到它和1984的风格极为相像,正准备阅读。博主最近怎么停止更新了?

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