Ranks on Living Quality of city, where your work staff go?

According a newly published story on economist.com, Quality of living | City rankings | Economist.com , Mercer, a consulting firm announced a ranking board of “Quality of live” standard of 215 cities around the world based on its annual survey. Zurich is the most pleasant city in the world to live.

The survey including 39 measures, including transport and crime. Singapore, Tokyo and London rank higher than New York. Baghdad is the world’s worst place to live and work right now.

Two cities from China rank in the first one hundred. Hong Kong is at the 70th place, and Shanghai at the exact 100th place. I think, despite the booming economy of China attracts many international companies and investors to do business in China, it is obviously that many cities in China are still have a long way to go in terms of, such as, environment protection, education and urbanization.


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