Relationship with Gov

The word says that he has ordained governments and that we should pr-y for the leaders. This does not mean that he approves of wrong things governments do, but the fact is that even a government that does these kinds of things is better than no government because he uses governments to maintain a certain order and to punish evil. Anarchy, i.e., no government, would be dangerous to everyone. I often disagree with my own government, but I know that there is hope that things will improve in the future. If we do what he wants us to do, we are lights in a dark world and can point others to him. We can work to improve the world a little bit at the time, starting with ourselves, and we make that initial step by relying on him.

And I think further on practice, I think at least certain genuine democracy is needed; monarchy is also very dangerous to anyone.

For me, I wish not only in reality there is no Gulag but wish also there is no possibility to have one in the future.

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