Some best practices for job hunting

  • Have a good LinkedIn profile
  • Always keep good relationships with previous boss. Get recommendations for your past experience
  • Emphasizing your ability not your experience
  • If you gained some well known global recognized certifications in your field, highlight it. —- this one I would say be careful: just you have some cert doesn’t necessarily prove your practical skills, find ways to link your real world experience during the gain certifications.
  • Be honest
  • Prepare to handle rejections, especially you sent out lots of applications
  • If you got an interview, always be yourself in the interviews.
  • Be honest and be yourself doesn’t mean you don’t need to prepare and say the right phrases when answering questions.
  • Know what you wanted and what you like to do. It’s important to do what you like to do.
  • If you have choice not to leave your current job, keep it while seeking other opportunities.

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