The Only Thing You Need to Get Good At – inspired by an article on raptitude

My fiend shared an interesting article:

Good interesting article…Stoicism, when I first knew about it, I felt it would lead to some bad consequences like make people numb, insensitive, feels no empathy, no hospitality or love… (By the way, Malcom Gradwell in his book, “David AND Gladiator —- underdogs, misfits, and the art of battling giants” has some interesting researches on the “British stoicism virtue” often pictured as a good example in the period of WWII that London was bombarded by the Nazi Germany – hint, it had nothing to do with the so called peculiar British people’s Stoicism character at all ).

Often, ideas from many different philosophies and religions have many parallels. Some examples in the article: One.Buddhism says we are not happy because we are trying to grasp more than we actually can control. —-Similarity to Stoicism aside, in Christianity there is also the teaching “don’t rely on yourself but Him”. Two. Replace all the instance of the plural “gods” with singular “God”, one can still perfectly understand the main points this article conveys.

About the notion : “We shouldn’t try to be happy by trying to gain control everything”. The truth is: if one only knows philosophy and has vast knowledge, all the things he knows will still leave the human heart and love untouched. Of course, the magical of life is in the experience. That’s why the author said: in the past, though he was sold by the idea for years but practiced badly. I think, now if he really seriously try to practice well, what do you think he will trying to do? He will try to identify the scope of the first bin (things that he can control). This is a dynamic process, because at different life stage or situation, the size of the bin changes: when you are little, you probably has little things you can control, most likely only limited to move your body parts (provided you are biologically healthy ); when you are grew, you can control over your income (money); when you first join the workforce, there are little things you can control in your company; when you are a manager, suddenly you have more things you can control (alone comes some responsibility). When your circumstance changes, the things you can control changes : when you are in a small company you are likely can control more things than you could when you are in a bigger company (in a general sense, there will be for sure some particularities ).

Nobody in a good sense will think he can actually control everything. But, again, generally speaking, human beings tend to be happier as the things we can control grows. I emphasized “generally speak” because that, the key is: you have the “right things” you can control and practicing well. In this regard, there are few things we should focus on; and all of them should concerning the heart of the person and “Love”—-the core gospel of authentic Scripture teaching. Through these things, we can let go of things and gain control of things; we come and go, with peace and happiness.

Some descriptive sketches of difference between before Faith and After Faith

There are many ways lead to the Truth
Only one way, that’ is faith through J.C. lead to the Truth.

From a seeker to a learner

From there are some people some thing out of the “My God” to every thing and every one ( yes, not just you who are self identified as C ) is in him ( under His control ) — whether or not one believes so is another question .

From someone is perfect to every single one is sinful.

From I do what I do is in order to achieve a Good To because I am already be saved and forgiven, I do what I do.

there are various religions in the world that they are competing each other and we don’t quiet know which one is true ( but there should be only one is true )
Faith is not a religion / true faith is not based on religion / God has no religion. Religion is a human activity, and since it is a human activity, All the religion activities( rituals, languages, lectures, information exchanges ) have its fated flaws/limitations; they are no more or less flawed/limited than any other human activities ( science, business…philosophy…logic…politics…etc ).

Arts(visual, audio, literature) at times are far better means to reveal some aspects of the Truth.

Become externally determined optimist because sprout from Faith, always flow out goodness.

Some Baiscs

0th: you have to have meaning and value, which only a True Faith can provide.

1st: for every text/words/sentences, be careful to distinguish between facts and opinions; and for every text/words/sentences, be aware of its denotation and connotation and their functions.

2nd:self recursion is a very interesting and permeated phenomena than a logic paradox like the “dictionary paradox”.

Examples: there is a book titled “What money can’t buy”, but you first need money to buy this book if you want to know it. I often want to use Google to help me understand how to get around on the internet and I certainly used Google to know how to solve a particular problem when I was installing an Operating System for my computer, but I realized that you first need a computer and internet to know ‘how-to’s of computer and internet; people developed software to teach “how to develop software”.

Extra point if you get it: the “chicken and egg” question is meaningless if you are sure both of them are end up on your dinner table anyway.

Meanings of “Believe in fate”

The other day, read one of my friend’s comments:

我们应当相信,每个人都是带着使命 来到人间的。无论他多么的平凡渺小,多 么的微不足道,总有一个角落会将他搁 置,总有一个人需要他的存在。有些人在 属于自己的狭小世界里,守着简单的安稳 与幸福,不惊不扰地过一生。有些人在纷 扰的世俗中,以华丽的姿态尽情地演绎一 场场悲喜人生。

If we should believe that everyone of us has a fate in this world, then the question normally lies for each one of us individually, if you, me, he or she think the fate of her is very clear for herself. Actually, the precise point of this “fate” question is for the individuals in this world to figure what is the fate for his or her own.

We can easily see the patterns of the different lives in this world, so it is easy to describe them.

And just to add a side note: I personally think, except the first sentence and the second sentence in the above comment offer good encouragement to the reader and author or anyone in general; the rest describe might now correct at all —- I think there is no such life that offer a life time feeling of peace, happiness, if take happiness means everything is fine; at least true happiness means it contains sorrow, sad and difficulties at times in our life; also I don’t think anyone want one’s life time ( it is possible though, for some temporary period of one’s life ) a sad-happy drama, and living through this by somehow can be described as luxury, or beauty.

The problem comes, when people face the question on her or his own. I must admit, I myself always feels this tension very regularly: For I believe in the Grace of God, and I often awe the mysterious way of the God works; so the doubts rises, “is this really just what my life will fold out? is this really my fate?” ask myself. Not too long, I realized that these questions are false and should not we ask the questions that we can’t answer. Continue reading “Meanings of “Believe in fate””

The purpose of study Economics

1. Get lazy
2. Rely on principles
3. To see through but not to know
4. Explain everything except how to earn money
5. Be consciously rational and pragmatic
6. Buidling strategies

Conclusion: Make yourself feel smart but dangerous at the same time; mono economics is bad.

Define success, just to refresh your & my mind

Everybody want it, but few people actually get it.  Sucess, is a such troublesome word:  when it is ambiguous,  it makes me frustration, just to image only after a long time of hard work, you suddenly start to doubt  that what you were doing isn’t really what you want;  but when it is clear, I mean when it is made clear by others, parents, boss, friends and most importantly, the media,  it makes me angry,  because  your success can’t be defined by others! And it is certainly not just about fame and money. So, what is success? Continue reading “Define success, just to refresh your & my mind”

The philosophy of life

Life, I think is like a hyper-speed train running on a hyper-speed railway track, and you are the driver; plus you also have the ability to control which railway track you want to travel on. Time passes by so fast; things happen. What if one day you realize that your life is running on a wrong track? Or you just doubt and say to yourself “Maybe my life is not heading to the right direction?”
Of course, just realize above questions already required the person has done some considerable thinking about life. So, let’s just say we want to use this “hyper-speed-train-running” metaphor( and personally, I really think it is a “so Good” metaphor 🙂 ), what you would do if you decide that your life is indeed heading into the wrong direction?
生活,我想,就像一列运行在高速铁轨上的高速列车,并且你就是它的驾驶者;还有,你也有能力控制该列车在你所想行使的轨道上运行。时间过得很快;事情发生着。如果有一天,你发现你的生活运行在一个错误的轨道上怎么办?或者,只是怀疑并对自己说:“也许,我的生活没有导向一个正确的方向?”当然,只是意识到上面的问题已经需要一个人对生活有一些思考。所以,让我们只是说我们想用这个“高速列车行驶”的隐喻(并且,实际上,我真认为这是一个“非常好”的隐喻),如果你的生活实际上确实导向了一个错误的方向你又会做什么决定呢? Continue reading “The philosophy of life”