The philosophy of life

Life, I think is like a hyper-speed train running on a hyper-speed railway track, and you are the driver; plus you also have the ability to control which railway track you want to travel on. Time passes by so fast; things happen. What if one day you realize that your life is running on a wrong track? Or you just doubt and say to yourself “Maybe my life is not heading to the right direction?”
Of course, just realize above questions already required the person has done some considerable thinking about life. So, let’s just say we want to use this “hyper-speed-train-running” metaphor( and personally, I really think it is a “so Good” metaphor 🙂 ), what you would do if you decide that your life is indeed heading into the wrong direction?

It is not possible that your life will have radical changes over night, just like it is not possible that a hyper-speed train will instantly head to the opposite direction — in fact I think even if you just want adjust to a different direction a little bit, this assertion is also true. What you can do is switch the switchers which control which track of the “life-train” of yours will be running on.
‘Switch the switches”, you can see it as making different kinds of decisions in your life. Every little decision you made gradually defines who you are. So many decisions you have to make in your life, there are small decisions as well as big decisions; remember, even though no decision can make the radical instantly changes that is the ones you INTENDED, but some decisions can do bring big change to your life, some ones will even bring big damages which can nearly ruin your life — just like you put the wrong switch on or the junction of the switch( or even the railway track itself ), has something wrong, the train would wretch and the rest is a devastating disaster. Even little ones can lead to unexpected results, after all, when you switched the track, the train will travel with high speed on the new track its destination may not clear at the time you made the decision; So, always pay attention to someone say to you “Dude, I think this is a small mistake will gradually turn into a bid mistake”.

WHERE THE “switches” AND “railway track” COME FROM?
We are living in society. We can not control everything: we can’t select our parent, we can’t select in which society we born and we can’t change our past and the past that already came before us. You can think that everybody in a given society is actually making his or her living by running his or her “life-train” on a vast railway network which the society has provided. Your life is not just your own business in some extend, it involves others. That’s why we need ethic rules and “rule of law”; that’s why we have the ability to judge morally right or wrong; and essentially, that is why government is an evil, but it is a necessary evil. Government’s role is make sure the railway track working perfectly and smoothly, and provide the maximum “freedom of choose” to make the switch for individual in the society.

WHAT IS DRIVING YOUR “life-train”?
Notice that it is not saying “who is driving your ‘life-train’?”. It is entirely up to you how you drive your life-train. You are no doubt the driver of your life, and everyone of us feel like we as individual can and should have 100% control of our own life; well, it is true, but did you even feel sometimes that you can’ t control your life? I think we will agree that we all have the times felt that we even have no 100% control on the smallest thing in our daily life; that “I have 100% control of my own life” is just felt like an illusion! If you agree with me, then you may ask why is it? Why is it like so? I have an explanation of my own here, but I can’t guarantee you will satisfy with my explanation. Remember, we have these problems in our life because IT IS NOT ONLY OUR REASON DRIVES OUR LIFE-TRAIN. We have emotions, passions, feelings and the vast majority subconscious within us. According to scientific studying, we have surprised amount subconscious which affects or even determines our day to day life decision. If you are interested in how subconsciouses affect our life, I highly recommend you check out the “MEMORY OPTIMIZER COURSE” by LEARNING STRATEGIES; while I going through this course, I am surprised that, say, if there are 15 inches conscious zone, the non-conscious or subconscious zone is about 11 miles! Besides our reason, we have all these non-reason which drivers our life as well. And we love about them; after all, it is emotions give us a meaningful life; as Nietzsche put it “A life with no passion is a life not worthy living”.
So, I hope you can keep in mind that, besides our reason, there a lot else going on in our minds. Yes, it is you drive your life-train, and you really should very carefully about the “job”; and also, I think you should learn to enjoy the job; which means of course, learn to enjoy life.

WHAT IS “Love”?
The ending of most romance fictions or movies “They are living happily together ever after and forever” is actually the beginning of “Love” (I may want to add that, actually, the whole sentence will have different interpretation depends on definition of the word “forever”). Love is a long process, it takes patients, takes learning. In love with some one is actually means that you will live the life together with someone, make the decisions together with someone; these including positive decisions and negative decisions, and sometimes, very difficult decisions. But you are together, you knew the other person will support you, will be there for you! So I think, if you ever get the feeling that he or she is “the one” because you are going through your life together and happy and willing to continue the happiness for an indefinite time, then, yes, he or she probably is “The One”! So, don’t miss the opportunity if you ever have the chance to love. 🙂

As economists said, there are actually three questions we encounter in life (listed in priority order):

  • What is the meaning of life
  • What is really going on between individuals
  • What is really going on when people trade

Economists are actually trying to answer only the third question. And even though, I think you may be can prove that above three questions are listed really in priority order ( in some logical importance order maybe? ), in real life these three questions are actually intersected as a whole; and I also think there are no absolutely standard right answers for everyone (even I admit that the question of 2nd and 3rd should have considerable amount of answers in the field of scientific research right now). So keep in mind these three questions, and try your best to provide your own answers.

At the beginning of this article, I said just come up this “hyper-speed-train-running” metaphor about life “already required the person has done some considerable thinking about life”. So how to begin to really think about your life? I think the old saying applies: Know Thyself.
Know thyself first, then decide what you want to do with your life everyday!

If you really want to live the life you want, don’t forget your dream, and put the “switch” on and off carefully. You will see, one day, a brand new world on the horizon; and a clear, beautiful version of your dream is in front of you!这都是关系到“转轴”

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